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Download our app to locate JumpStarters -  multi-port chargers in bars and restaurants for both Android and iPhones.

Users can find charging locations and reserve ports using our proprietary, easy-to-use mobile app.



Where can I find your chargers?


The map in the app displays all

JUMPSTARTER locations.


Do you have Jumpstarters outside of Austin? 


Right now, our network’s based in Central Texas, and we have plans to expand into other markets very soon.


How do you get a charging slot with Jumpstart? 


You can make a reservation from the app on your phone before you get to the location. (Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve for charging slots.)


How do I start charging?


Simply plug in your phone to the

charging slot. 


What if my phone is dead?


No problem - JUMPSTART will power your phone up quickly.


Do I need to pay before getting a JUMPSTART?


No! for our early adopters, charging with JUMPSTART is completely free.


Here's some quick tips:


JUMPSTART needs to plug directly into your phone instead of through
a battery case (like Mophie).

The JUMPSTART should show a green light when your phone is successfully plugged in.