Charge or Die

Life without smartphones is unimaginable. From dawn to dusk - and way beyond - we are committed to that super computer in our hand. It’s a 24/7 expectation. Since our smartphones continue to demand more and more power, battery life has never been so important. Thankfully, amongst the vastness of smartphone options today, there are multiple choices that don’t sacrifice battery life for flashy features. Here is a list of the six smartphones with the best and worst best battery life.  




1.) Moto Z Play

In a test carried out by, the Motorola Z Play demonstrated the longest battery life compared to nine other smartphones. 


2.) Google Pixel XL

Not far behind is Google’s new smartphone, which trailed the Moto Z Play by about two hours. 


3.) Samsung Galaxy S7 Active  

Not only does this phone meet military specs for durability, its battery can get you through a long day of videos, apps, and other features that would normally drain a phone’s battery life in several hours. 


4.) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Not only does this phone have impressive battery life, this phone comes with a quick charger in case of battery emergencies. 



1.) HTC Desire 520

2.) Apple iPhone 7