Data Hogs Welcome - because we got COWs

There’s nothing like Southern hospitality - and in Austin, everyone is getting ready for the thousands of visitors set to join us here for SXSW. 

Not to be outdone by other key city preparations, AT&T announced Friday that it will have 20 percent more capacity during SXSW 2017 compared to last year.  Users can also get free AT&T Wi-Fi at several spots around downtown, including along East Sixth Street, in the Warehouse District, at Stubb’s BBQ and at Auditorium Shores.

The Dallas-based telecommunications company is getting set for SX data hogs on all fronts by bringing four COWs – or Cell On Wheels units – to Austin and the crowds of SXSW. One of those portable antennas will be a “super” COW with 10 times the capacity of a traditional single-beam antenna.

Also, the LTE capacity of its distributed antenna system at the Austin Convention Center, has been expanded. The Convention Center hosts a number of SXSW Interactive events. This new and differently distributed antenna system containsof several small antennas throughout the building, which will improve calls and text communication.

So bring on the data hogs - and if you're a battery drainer, JumpStart has you covered. Download our mobile app to find JumpStart chargers at various locations around SXSW. You’re never too far away from a recharge with JumpStart. 



Image credit: Dave Giannini /Cirrusworks